Point-of-sale (POS) terminals manage programs with easy-to-use technology. Applications are configured for each customer to reflect their card program and business operations. Security & user-friendliness are paramount with staff password protection and dual-language interface (English & Chinese) included with every solution.

    Transaction Functions
  • Top-Up (Add-Value)
  • Earn Points
  • Redeem Points
  • Void
    Security Functions
  • Check In / Check Out
  • Blacklist Card
  • Un-Blacklist Card
  • Set Operator Password
    Card Managment Functions
  • Issue New Card
  • Rename/Renew Card
  • Return/Refund Card
  • Erase Card
  • Change User Password

Mobile POS Terminal
Equipped with a cellular modem, the Mobile POS Terminal operates anywhere your phone can. Ideal for table services, wide-open locations, and deliveries. The Mobile POS Terminal is battery powered and can go anywhere your business takes you.

Mobile POS Terminal (w/o printer)
The Mobile POS Terminal (without printer) is typically used for managing non-financial transactions like access & entry. Streamlined and simplified for its more basic use, this terminal enjoys the same level of mobility as the Mobile POS Terminal without the unnecessary function of printing out receipts.

Desktop POS Terminal
The Desktop POS Terminal is ideal for operations where patrons process transactions at a central location. Desktop POS Terminals offer Ethernet or Cellular connectivity.

PC Accessories
PC Accessories turn any PC into a terminal. CMS software runs on your PC using our peripheral card reader and receipt printer to offer the same functionality as a stand-alone POS terminal.