CMS provides ongoing support and training to make sure you get the most value out of your system. Support before, during, and after program launch is included in our monthly or annual service packages.

CMS Delivery Agents make sure you get your program up as quickly as possible with minimal distraction to daily operations. Our set-up plan includes program checklists, marketing templates, and card design procedures. CMS also works with you to pick the right incentives for your program to attract and retain the customers that are important to you.

Comprehensive training ensures staff are well equipped to use and manage your new program. CMS training includes: terminal usage, card promotion, and online services with sessions divided for front-of-house and back-office staff. CMS also provides user-manuals and reference guides.

On-going Support
Rental packages include on-going support for hardware, software, and online services. Change requests can be submitted to update your programs for new promotions. Refresher training is periodically arranged to keep your staff up-to-date.

Marketing Assistant
Need help in running your program? CMS offers an additional service to make your life easier! CRM Marketing Specialists will manage your CRM database and execute marketing programs based on your criteria.