Smart Cards & Identity Materials

CMS extends the same contactless smart card technology used in transit systems worldwide to your business. Smart cards and identity materials contain a reusable smart chip to manage electronic information such as payments, points, member registration, access status and more.

With smart materials your data is always mobile. Staff do not have to rely on an internet connection. They can perform operations anytime and anywhere - ‘touch-and-go’ convenience that helps increase efficiency.

Materials can be custom printed creating a powerful marketing tool to promote your brand or endorse important sponsors and partners.

Smart Cards
Smart cards are in the same standard size as traditional payment or member cards, but offer more reliability without magnetic stripes or contact chips that deteriorate over time.

Disposable PVC Identification Bands
Bands offer a cost efficient solution for one-time events or short term use. Ideal for music festivals or sport events, bands help organizers maintain access control and cashless payment systems.

Reusable Wristbands
Wristbands are ideal for outdoor venues where customers will be active and mobile. Wristbands are made from durable high quality materials, waterproof, and designed to be used again and again.

Keychain FOBs
Keychain FOBs are perfect for businesses that want the power of a contactless smart card technology in a unique form factor. Keychain FOBs are convenient for facilities where members may not often want to carry their wallets or purses. For prestigious clubs, keychain FOBs are an eye-catching way of differentiating your loyalty program from those of other businesses.