Hospitality Package

The Hospitality Package allows businesses to quickly introduce pre-paid Gift & VIP programs that increase advance cash flow and recognize repeat customers.


Premium Hospitality Package

The Premium Hospitality Package takes marketing and operations to a new level. Pre-Paid, Loyalty, and Access Control functions are configured to your requests to provide a full-suite of data services. Email functions are enabled letting marketing professionals run a variety of targeted campaigns.

In addition to all the services listed above, the Premium Package also



  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Increase advanced cash flow
  • Track customer spending and behavior
  • Cross-market and direct customers to other venues or locations
  • Identify VIPs based on spending and number of visits
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns

To learn more about how we help our Hospitality clients, download our case studies:

Big Bamboo Case Study (.pdf)

Big Bamboo Advanced Analytics (.pdf)