Data Visualisation

CMS Data Visualization provides you with insights to make better business decisions. CMS reports help you identify trends and factors based on your cardholder programs that can impact your performance.

Basic Analytics
CMS Basic Analytics are available online anytime, anywhere. Financial reports and operational reviews can be accessed through your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Our friendly interface can show you exactly how many cardholders have visited, how much was spent, and when these transactions occurred.

Advanced Analytics
CMS Advanced Analytics are configured to benefit your marketing, sales, operations and finance departments. CMS configures template reports to your card program and works with you to customize additional analysis as well. These rich reports are either delivered one-time or periodically (monthly or quarterly) depending on the product package you choose.

To learn more about CMS Advanced Analytics, download this sample report:
Big Bamboo Advanced Analytics (.pdf)

POS Integration
POS integration delivers richer data analysis for your review. Our software is configured for your POS system and will send a detailed view of VIP activity (and only VIP activity) from your POS machine to our servers every time you perform your daily settlement. Your data is kept isolated and secure on CMS servers and then fed back through our Advanced Analytics reports.

To learn more about CMS POS Integration, contact us directly for a sample report!